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Book 1: START

Book 1: START

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Ready to play? This book is for starting pianists. I'm sure everyone can play this music. I was thrilled to compose these easy tunes that were stuck in my mind. 

The book includes 12 pieces and it goes from easy to more advanced. 

We recorded every song in the studio so you can hear me play, the way I like it to be played. However, as a pianist, I believe it is essential to give it your touch, so I am looking forward to hearing your version too. 

On top of that, there is a tutorial video of every single song, where I talk you through the hardest parts and share some tips and tricks with you. 

You can listen to the music on iTunes, Spotifyand YouTube. 


One of the main reasons why I started this project is because I really believe music can bring people together. On Facebook, you will find a group called Jef Neve Scores Lovers. There you can share your own version of compositions and listen to how other contributors play the music of Start 2 Play. If you have any questions about a particular song, I will be happy to help you out!




  1. Opening of the Festival
  2. Reflection
  3. Reflections at the end of Spring
  4. Leaves Falling of the Trees
  5. Shooting Stars
  6. Sunday Evening Mood
  7. The Conservation of Last Night
  8. Put on your Shoes for a Walk in the Snow
  9. Keep Going
  10. A Fresh Start
  11. We made a Promise
  12. Rainy Landscapes from a Train

Rainy Landscapes from a Train

Explanation Video Rainy Landscapes from a Train 

Go, Maestro! 

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