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Reflections in White

Reflections in White

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Reflections in White counts 13 songs and is the second part of the collection Reflections in Black and White.

For the last couple of months, I have been working hard to release this one. It's a collection of 15 preludes. In comparison with Start2Play the difficulty of this book would be between '2' and 'Play'. You will recognize the images of the talented Oswald Crombeecke, a Belgian Illustrator, who has made beautiful images to accompany the scores.   

Here you can find the songs that will be in the book. 
  1. Running down the valley
  2. For Lucien
  3. Dragon Flies
  4. Sad Song
  5. Tenderly and gentle
  6. De Paradiso
  7. Walking between trees
  8. Give us hope
  9. Forrest's life in spring
  10. When you smile
  11. Little Impromptu
  12. The beginning of spring
  13. Rêverie
  14. Changing love
  15. Elegie


One of the main reasons why I started this project is because I believe music can bring people together. On Facebook, you will find a group called Jef Neve Scores Lovers.  There you can share your own version of the compositions and listen to how other piano lovers play the music of the piano books. If you have questions about a particular song, I will be happy to help you!
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