Book 2: 2

Book 2: 2

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This book is for more advanced pianists. If you can play the last score of my book Start, I am sure you will find what you need in this book. When I was composing the songs for this book, I looked back to the time I was a young pianist, going to the music school where I could let my teacher hear my progression of last week. 

The book includes 12 pieces and is goes from easy to more advanced. 

We recorded every song in the studio so you can hear me play, the way I like it to be played. However, as a pianist, I believe it is essential to give it your touch, so I am looking forward to hearing your version too. 

On top of that, there is a tutorial video of every single song, where I talk you through the hardest parts and share some tips and tricks with you. 



  1. Winter Scenes
  2. Ice on the Lake
  3. Memories of Childhood
  4. Leaves Falling of the Trees
  5. Thousands of People in the Streets
  6. Making Plans on a Bicycle
  7. Counting Stars after a Night Walk
  8. SNCF Blues
  9. The unexpected Day off!
  10. Alternative Workout
  11. Sharing Life Stories
  12. Trust
  13. Whenever there's Life, there's Hope (4-hands)

Memories of Childhood

Explanation video Memories of Childhood